Asustor AS-604T 4-Bay NAS Range

A multi-functional 4-bay NAS server designed for small business and home use.
Asustor AS-604T NAS Asustor AS-604T NAS Asustor AS-602T NAS

Asustor AS-604T Diskless NAS
Asustor AS-604T Diskless NAS
(£453.13 ex VAT )
In Stock

Asustor AS-604T 4 x 1TB NAS
Asustor AS-604T 4 x 1TB NAS
(£678.50 ex VAT )
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Asustor AS-604T 4 x 2TB NAS
Asustor AS-604T 4 x 2TB NAS
(£737.50 ex VAT )
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Asustor AS-604T 4 x 3TB NAS
Asustor AS-604T 4 x 3TB NAS
(£879.10 ex VAT )
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Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: Intel® Atom™ 2.13 GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • Memory: 1GB SO-DIMM DDR3 (Expandable. Max. 3GB)
  • HDD: 2.5" or 3.5" SATA II/ III x 2¹
  • Expansion: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 4, eSATA x 2
  • Network: Gigabit Ethernet x 2
  • Output: HDMI x 1
  • System Fan: 70mm x 1
  • Input Power Voltage: 100V to 240V AC
  • Certification: FCC, CE, VCCI, BSMI, C-TICK

Asustor AS-604T NAS Asustor AS-604T NAS Asustor AS-604T NAS


  • Power Consumption: 23.5W (Operation); 19W (Disk Hibernation); 1.4W (Sleep Mode)
  • Noise Level: 21.3 dB(A)
  • Operation Temperature: 5°C~35°C (40°F~95°F)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% RH

Storage Management

  • Support Multiple Volumes with Spare Disks
  • Volume Type: Single disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10
  • Support for Online RAID Level Migration
  • Support for Online RAID Capacity Expansion
  • Internal Disk format: EXT4
  • External Disk format: FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, HFS+

Network Protocols

  • AFP
  • NFS
  • FTP
  • WebDAV
  • Rsync
  • SSH
  • SFTP
  • iSCSI


  • Size: 185.5(H) x 170(W) x 230(D) mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg / 7.94 lb (diskless)

Pack Contents

  • AS-602T NAS
  • Setup CD
  • Power Adapter
  • Mains cable
  • 2 x RJ45 Cat 5e Patch Cable
  • Hard drive mounting screws (diskless only)


Media Server UPnP DLNA

Still using a power consuming computer as your home's multimedia server? Each and every ASUSTOR NAS can be outfitted with the UPnP Multi Media Server App, which allows it to become your home's multimedia streaming server. As long as you have devices that support UPnP (for example, Linn DS, Naim, SONY BRAVIA TV or PlayStation3®), you will be able to browse and stream all multimedia stored on your ASUSTOR NAS. Don't forget that you can also use UPnP or DMP compatible applications on your mobile devices to stream multimedia from your NAS

Direct HDMI Connection - Boxee

ASUSTOR NAS can also become a media player by installing multimedia player App package - Boxee.

Boxee allows you to play all the multimedia content stored on your NAS on your LCD/LED TV. Simply connect your NAS to your TV using an HDMI cable and you are ready to go. You can also turn your mobile device into a remote control for Boxee by downloading the Boxee Remote or AiRemote App.

AiRemote will also allow you to directly play videos on your mobile device.

iTunes Server

All your music on all your computers.

Still storing your music and movie collections on different computers? Running out of disk space?

iTunes Server is what you need. Now you can store all your music and movies on your ASUSTOR NAS and have them streamed to any Mac or Windows computer within the local network.

AirPlay, iOS Remote pairing and playlists are also supported. For more details, be sure to check out iTunes Server in App Central.

Everything You Need is Right Here

ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) is an operating system developed by ASUSTOR Inc. that comes pre-installed with all ASUSTOR NAS devices.

ADM was designed around the use of applications and its original web-based graphical user interface allows you to handily organize your applications by page.

ADM supports multi-tasking and also comes pre-installed with a rich assortment of applications. Furthermore, you can use App Central to install any additional apps that you may need, creating a personalized and multi-featured NAS device for yourself.

App Central

The applications that come pre-installed with each ASUSTOR NAS device are just the beginning. At your convenience, you can browse through and download any applications that peak your interest from App Central.

App Central allows you to explore the unlimited potential of ASUSTOR NAS devices while creating a personalized NAS device for yourself.

Whether your interests lie in business, website construction or even digital home entertainment, App Central provides you with the boundless variety of applications that you require to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs.