Connecting to a QNAP share from an Apple Mac Terminal

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Under most circumstances you will connect to files and folders on the QNAP NAS using Finder. It is sometimes necessary to connect directly to the QNAP share from a command line (mount point).

In this example we will connect to the Multimedia share on a QNAP TS-412 NAS.

The NAS is named TS412 (hostname) and we will connect using the user account admin. Use the correct hostname or IP address as displayed in the QNAP finder utility.

On the Mac start the Terminal (Finder | Go | Utilities | Terminal)

We need to create a mount point on the Mac that we will then connect to the QNAP using the following command:

mkdir /Volumes/qnap

Next we will mount the Multimedia folder on the QNAP using:

mount_smbfs //admin@TS412/Multimedia /Volumes/qnap

You will be prompted for the QNAP admin password. If successful you will then be able to see the files on the QNAP Multimedia folder using the following command:

ls /Volumes/qnap

You may now perform any of the standard file operations directly. e.g. rsync

Once completed you will need to disconnect the QNAP using the following command:

umount /Volumes/qnap
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Copy Apple Mac Music files to QNAP using RSYNC

An example usage of the command line is show here. To copy Music from the Mac to the QNAP. Here we have a user called ripcaster and we just want to copy all the Music to the QNAP Multimedia folder. The Music files will be located in /User//Music folder on the Mac i.e. /Users/ripcaster/Music in this example. Assuming we have mounted the drive as described earlier:

rsync -av --include="*/" --include="*" /User/ripcaster/Music/ /Volumes/qnap/