Linn Exact Systems - Frequenty Asked Questions

Linn Klimax Exakt System
Linn Klimax Exakt
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"The Source is in th speaker". Why?

Just like the Linn LP12 retrieves more musical information from the grooves of a vinyl record, Exakt retrieves more information from a digital data stream.

Why is Exakt better?

Exakt pushes the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker. This removes several lossy stages from the audio path, and turns the speaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product.

What is Exakt Technology?

An Exakt System conprises an Exakt DSM and an Exakt Speaker. These are connected via Exakt Link. Every Exakt Speaker contains an Exakt Engine.

In externally Aktiv setups the Exakt DSM connects to an Exakt Tunebox via Exakt Link.

Exakt Link sends digital data from an Exakt DSM to an Exakt speaker or Exakt Tunebox losslessly. It ensures accuracy, guarantees latency, maintains exceptionally low jitter, and provides extreme precision synhronisation between speakers.

Exakt Engine provides three benefits.

  • Elimiates the magnitude and phase distortion of anlaogue crossovers at design time.
  • Corrects for the manufacturing tolerances of individual drive units at manufacturing time.
  • Optimise speakers for customer's room at installation time.

Is Linn Exakt compatible with Linn DS?

Yes. Every Exakt system has an Exakt DSM and is therefore fully compatible with Linn DS.

Klimax Exakt for new customers

The Klimax Exakt System comprises the Linn Klimax Exakt DSM and the Klimax Exakt 350 Speakers.
Linn Klimax Exakt
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Klimax Exakt for existing customers

Klimax 350A sepakers upgrades

Klimax 350A speaker upgrade comprises a Klimax Exakt DSM, Exakt modules to replace the existing 350A modules and new measured 3K arrays. This is an upgrade that can be performed by ripcaster in your home.

External Aktiv 350

The upgrade comprises a Klimax Exakt DSM, a pair of Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes and new, measured 3K arrays.

Komri, Keltik

The upgrade comprises a Klimax Exakt DSM and a pair of Klimax Exakt Tuneboxes.

What is the Upgrade Process?

1) Let us know the serial numbers of your existing Linn equipment. 2) For customers upgrading modules (350A/P):
  • Ripcaster upgrades the modules on your existing Klimax 350 speakers, installs the new 3K arrays, and installs the new Klimax Exakt DSM.
  • Ripcaster TuneDems the system and uses Konfig to optomise the system for the room
  • Ripcaster return the old modules and 3K arrays to Linn.
  • The Customer receives a new 5year warranty on all upgrades.
3) For customers upgrading externally Aktiv systems:
  • Information to follow when available (November 2013)

Does the existing Klimax DSM work with Exakt speakers?

No. The Klimax DSM does not have Exakt Link connections.

Can the Klimax DSM be upgraded?

No - although ripcaster will offer trade-in deals for Klimax level equipment.
Linn Klimax Exakt
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What cables are used for Exakt Link?

Exakt Link uses standard straight Cat 5 cable.

Will Klimax DS, Klimax DSM and Klimax 350s still be available?


Linn Klimax Exakt System

Linn Klimax Exakt
Call 0118 321 82 92 to book your demonstration
Linn Klimax Exakt System
Linn Klimax Exakt System
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Linn Klimax Exakt Upgrade for 350s
Linn Klimax Exakt Upgrade for 350s
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