Adding Network shares to AssetUPnP Audio Library Paths

AssetUPnP is capable of indexing multiple folders containing audio. e.g

d:\Linn Music\High Resolution\
e:\ripcaster\More Music\

Folders can be added using the AssetUPnP interface - typically under the Settings or "Advanced Settings" section.

You may also add networks shares. For example you may have audio tracks on the same machine as AssetUPnP (e.g. c:\user\ripcaster\Music) and also on a QNAP NAS (e.g. \\TS221\Multimedia).

You may add the network share using the [Add Folder] button.

Advanced: Manually configuring the location on Windows

If you are unable to browse to the location you may manually edit the location as follows:

  • On ZoneRipper Version 2 (WHS 2011):Open the file MediaFoldersWatch.txt in a text editor (Notepad) here
  • On ZoneRipper Version 1 (WHS v1):Open the file MediaFoldersWatch.txt in a text editor (Notepad) here
    %appdata%\..\..\Default User\Application Data\dBpoweramp\uMediaLibrary\MediaFoldersWatch.txt
  • Each folder location is listed one per line
  • Edit as required. An example is shown:
  • Use the "Rescan Library" - "Refresh All" once the changes have been made to rebuild the music index as seen by the control point (e.g. Linn Kinsky).

Note that AssetUPnP will require Read access to each of the folders/shares listed.

Windows 7 and greater