Installing Linn Kazoo Server on a ZoneRipper (for PC Users)

This page describes installing the Linn Kazoo Server on existing ZoneRippers.

Note: ZoneRippers supplied after April 2014 have Linn Kazoo Server Pre-Installed.

Linn Kazoo Server can operate side-by-side with other UPnP servers such as AssetUPnP.

These instructions are applicable to the version 2 ZoneRippers (with serial numbers 20000 and above). Linn Kazoo Server can be installed on earlier ZoneRippers (with serial numbers 10000 - 19999) using a similar procedure apart from the folder locations differ. See the section at the end of the page for details.

1 - Download Kazoo Server

  • Using a web browser on your computer navigate to
  • Click on the Windows installer download link e.g. KazooServer_X.x.yyy_win.exe and save the file to your local computer hard drive i.e. your Downloads folder.

2 - Open the Documents Share on the ZoneRipper

  • Press the Windows Key and the letter R on your computer keyboard to display the Run/Open dialog
  • Enter the path \\zoneripper and press OK. Alternatively if you know the ZoneRipper IP address on your network you may use the ip address instead of the hostname e.g. \\
  • You may be prompted for a username and password. Use username administrator and the corresponding password.
  • The default shares on the ZoneRipper will be displayed
  • Click on the Documents Share - this is where you will copy the downloaded Kazoo Server installation file.

3 - Copy the Kazoo Server installation file to the ZoneRipper

  • Using Windows Explorer open the local download folder location for the Kazoo Server download e.g. c:\users\username\Downloads from step 1
  • Copy the Linn Kazoo Server installation file (CTRL-C)
  • Paste the Linn Kazoo Server installation file in the Documents share opened previously on the ZoneRipper (CTRL-V)

4 - Use Windows Remote Desktop to connect the ZoneRipper

  • The Windows Remote Desktop application is available from the Accessories menu in Windows. You may also start using the command mstsc from the Run dialog or command window.
  • You will be prompted for a computer name. Use zoneripper or the ip address.
  • Click connect.

    You may be prompted about an insecure self-issued certificate - this is normal so accept and continue.

  • Enter the username administrator and the corresponding password.
  • You should now see the standard ZoneRipper desktop

5 - Install the Kazoo Server

  • Within the Remote Desktop environment navigate the "Computer" option off the Start menu (bottom left hand corner of the Remote Desktop screen).
  • Open the folder J:\ServerFolders\Documents - you should see the Linn Kazoo Server installation file copied to the ZoneRipper earlier:

  • Double-click the Kazoo installation file to start the installation.

  • Uncheck the "Show Readme" on the final page of the setup wizard and click Finish.
  • You may now Close the Remote Desktop connection to the ZoneRipper.

6 - Configure Kazoo Server

  • Start the Linn Konfig application on your PC (latest version available here)
  • Select the Linn Kazoo Server from the list of available devices/services

  • Click the Settings icon (gear wheel)
  • Click the Add button
  • Select the music folder. Typically J:\ServerFolders\Music
  • Linn Kazoo Server will now index the music.
  • You may now close Konfig.
  • Linn Kazoo Server should now be visible on your control point (Kazoo for iPad, Kinsky etc).
  • This completes the installation.

7 - Enjoy The Music!

April 2014: ZoneRipper, AssetNAS and kSTOR are pre-configured with KazooServer

kSTOR - audiophile Solid State (SSD) NAS.

Installation on ZoneRippers with serial number 10000 to 19999

The installation procedure is identical apart from:

  • Copy the Linn Kazoo Server installation from your PC to the shared \\ZoneRipper\Public
  • Within Remote Desktop navigate to d:\shares\Public to find the installation file
  • In Konfig add the path d:\shares\Music