How to check the software version on a Linn Majik Kontrol Pre-amplifier

The software version of a Majik Kontrol can be found using the following steps:
  1. Using the Linn IR remote control press the setup "setup" to enter the config menu.
  2. Use the "down" button to scroll down to "Unit Configuration".
  3. Press the "right" button to enter the sub menu.
  4. Scroll down to "Unit Information".
  5. Press the "right" button.
  6. The display will show "H8 S/W Version".
Below this will be the software version.

It should read S04080109 which is the latest version.

If your unit shows an earlier version then please contact us to discuss how the firmware can be upgraded.

You may also enter the setup menu by pressing and holding the "Mute" button on the front panel control (>2sec).