Commercial CD and DVD Conversion and Archiving Service

For businesses and individuals who have data content stored on CD and DVD media we offer a bulk conversion service.

Using robotic CD/DVD handling equipment we are able to quickly process large quantities of discs.

We will copy all the data off the CD/DVD optical discs and store on a hard disc, NAS (Network Attached Storage) or upload to your cloud storage. This will give you easy access to your data and reduce your physical storage requirements.

Businesses and individuals that may benefit from this service:

  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Marketing
  • Content Creators
  • Archiving
Call 0118 321 82 92 for a Quote
Call 0118 321 82 92 for a Quote

The Process

We can accept your media in jewel cases, folders or archive boxes. We can also send packaging (spindles) for transport if required.
  • We collect your CD/DVD media from you.
  • We copy the data off each disc
  • We photograph the top surface of each disc
  • We load the data to some form of hard drive (either purchased from us or provided by you with the CD/DV media)
  • We generate reports detailing and warnings/errors during the process
  • We return your discs and hard drive(s) to you

We are able to modify the process to meet your specific requirements.
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Disc Copying

Each disc is copied to a unique folder. The folder is based on the volume label of the CD/DVD together with a unique sequence number i.e <Volume Label>_<sequence>

We create a text log file in each folder detailing the files copied and any errors/warnings during the disc copy.

We photograph the top surface of each disc and save the image in the unique folder (DiskImage.png). This allows you to view any hand written or labelled information off the disc - particularly helpful if all your media has a volume title of "Untitled".
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