Accessing an NTFS Drive from a QNAP TS-109 / TS-209.

These instructions are intended to allow data on an NTFS formated hard drive to be connected to a QNAP TS-109 or TS-209 via a USB connection. This is useful if you have a lot of data on a NTFS formatted drive and want to quickly copy the data on to the internal QNAP drive.

The instructions work for us - they may not work for you. Use at your own risk.

We have only tested READING from an NTFS drive - not WRITING.

Please note that the commands are case sensitive and must be entered eXaCtLy as shown.

1) Use the QNAP Finder application to identify the IP address of the QNAP (e.g.

2) Connect your NTFS formatted drive to the QNAP using a USB connection.

Note that QNAPs with the latest firmware may automatically mount the NTFS drive as /share/USB Disk1

3) Use a terminal application such as Putty.exe to connect to the QNAP command line interface.

4) Log in to the QNAP using the username admin and password (default admin).

5) Create a mount point with:

mkdir /tmp/ripcaster

6) Now mount the drive with the command:

mount -t ntfs /dev/sdo1 /tmp/ripcaster

7) If you see a message "/dev/sdo1 is not a valid block device" you may need to change the device name (It can vary depending on which physical USB port used). Alternatives are examples would be /dev/sdp1, /dev/sdq1, /dev/sdr1, etc. The command shown will mount the first partition on the devices. If you have two partitions and you need to mount the second partition use /dev/sdo2 in the command above.

8) Once mounted you can access the files on the NTFS drive. For example this command will show the root folders on the NTFS drive:

ls /tmp/ripcaster

And you may expect to the folder on your NTFS drive - this is what our test drive contains:

[~] # ls '/tmp/ripcaster'
CONFIG.SYS*                System Volume Information/
DOCS/                      TempEI4/
Documents and Settings/    ripcaster/
Drivers/                   WINDOWS/
IO.SYS*                    boot.ini*
Inetpub/                   folders/
Install/                   lan.log*
Intel/                     ntldr*
MSDOS.SYS*                 pagefile.sys*
NTDETECT.COM*              realtek.log*
Program Files/             redistr/
QSM_VolumeID*              shares/
RECYCLER/                  wmpub/

9) So if you wanted to copy all the "My Music" files and folders from the NTFS drive you may want to issue a command like (the -R makes the copy include all sub folder and files):

cp -R "/tmp/ripcaster/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/My Music/*" /Qmultimedia

10) When you are done you should unmount the drive using the command:

umount /tmp/ripcaster

We hope that you find these instructions useful.

Please consider when purchasing. We know the products we sell!

Please let us know if you have any suggestion for improving these instructions.

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