How to change the SqueezeCenter web port on Windows Home Server

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The SqueezeCenter default web interface is 9000. You may need to change this if wish to run several streaming servers on your Windows Home Server or you may have had problems with SqueezeCenter on your HP MediaSmart Server following installation of the latest powerpack with TwonkyMedia (PV Connect).

The instructions work for us - they may not work for you. Use at your own risk.

Start Here

These instructions should be performed from your PC using Windows Remote Desktop (you can also do this from a Mac - see Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac).

1) Start Windows Remote Desktop Connection on your PC - this is typically found at Start | All Programs | Accessories | Remote Desktop Connection or at Start | All Programs | Accessories | Communications | Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection Login Enter the name of the Windows Home Server.

  • For TranquilPC WHS supplied by enter server
  • For HP MediaSmart WHS supplied by enter hpserver
  • For AVA RS3 Music Servers supplied by enter rs3server

Note that you will need to connect using the administrator user. You may need to change the "User Name" using the "Options" button. E.g. Change the username to be SERVER\administrator.

Click the "Connect" button.

Remote Desktop Connection Login

A further login prompt will be displayed. Enter/Verify that the user is administrator and enter the corresponding password. You will then see the 'virtual' display on the Windows Home Server. This should be the familiar Windows XP style user interface. You may close the Internet Explorer warning paged.

Remote Desktop Connection Login

2) Open SqueezeCenter configuration file using notepad:

notepad "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SqueezeCenter\prefs\server.prefs"
Tip: you can paste this command in the Run (Start | Run) dialog and click OK for speed and .

Open SqueezeCenter server.pref

3)Use the Search feature in Notepad (Edit | Find or CTRL+F) to look for httpport:

Find the httpport: setting

4) Edit the port number to your requirements, 9001 for example, and save and close the file.

Change the port number

Change the Firewall settings

5) The Windows Firewall on the Windows Home Server must be updated to allow access to the SqueezeCenter web interface (port 9001 in our example). Open the Windows Firewall on the Windows Home Server with Start | Control Panel | Windows Firewall

Open Windows Firewall

6) Click on the Exceptions tab.

Firewall Exceptions tab

7) Click Add Port...

Add TCP Port Exception for SqueezeCenter

Enter the details as shown above with the same TCP port number as used in step 4 and click OK. Press OK again to close the Windows Firewall.

8) Restart the Windows Home Server.

9) You should now be able to access SqueezeCenter on the new port e.g. http://server:9001

10) You do not need to change the configuration of your Squeezebox or Transporters.

We hope that you find these instructions useful. Please consider purchasing your digital entertainment equipment from us.

Please let us know if you have any suggestion for improving these instructions.

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