Remote Desktop Connection to Windows Home Server

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Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop is used to create a virtual display, keyboard and mouse for a Windows Home Server. Once connected you can perform many 'standard' windows tasks as if you were locally connected.

You can also use Remote Desktop from a Mac.
See Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac.
If the Mac cannot find the Windows Home Server via the server name then use IP address. The IP address can be found from your router DHCP table or using the command
smbutil lookup server
ping server.local
You may need to replace 'local' with 'localdomain' etc depending on how your LAN is configured. Replace server with the name of your server e.g. ripnas.local or rs5server.local from the Terminal (Finder: Applications | Utilities | Terminal). Replace 'server' with the name of your Windows Home Server.

1) Start Windows Remote Desktop Connection on your PC - this is typically found at Start | All Programs | Accessories | Remote Desktop Connection or at Start | All Programs | Accessories | Communications | Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection Login Enter the name of the Server (you may also use the IP address).

  • For ZoneRipper supplied by enter zoneripper
  • For ripNAS supplied by enter ripnas
  • For HP MediaSmart EX49x WHS supplied by enter hpstorage
  • For HP MediaSmart EX47x WHS supplied by enter hpserver
  • For TranquilPC WHS supplied by enter server
  • For AVA RS3 Music Servers supplied by enter rs3server

Note that you will need to connect using the administrator user. You may need to change the "User Name" using the "Options" button. E.g. Change the username to be SERVER\administrator.

Click the "Connect" button.

Remote Desktop Connection Login

A further login prompt will be displayed. Enter/Verify that the user is administrator and enter the corresponding password. You will then see the 'virtual' display on the Windows Home Server. This should be the familiar Windows XP style user interface. You may close the Internet Explorer warning paged.

Remote Desktop Connection Login

2) The screen will display a warning page in Internet Explorer. You can close this. You now have access to a Windows XP style desktop environment with all the usual options off the Start menu.

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Short Cut

You can quickly launch Windows Remote Connection using the Open dialog.

  1. Click the Windows Start menu and then Run. You can also use the shortcut keys Windows Start key + R. The Open dialog will be displayed

    Windows Start Run Dialog

  2. Enter the MSTSC and click OK.

    MSTSC Microsoft Terminal Services Client

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