How To Uninstall SqueezeCenter 7.x (prior to 7.2) on the QNAP TS-109 and TS-209

This page describes how to uninstall SqueezeCenter 7.x (prior to 7.2) from the QNAP TS-109 or TS-209 based on the SSODS build. These instructions apply to QNAP products that have been supplied by with SSODS installations WITHOUT using the QPKG package (but the general principle may be applicable to other installations).

The instructions work for us - they may not work for you. Use at your own risk.

Please note that the commands are case sensitive and must be entered eXaCtLy as shown.

1) Use the QNAP Finder application to identify the IP address of the QNAP (e.g.

2) Use a terminal application such as Putty.exe to connect to the QNAP command line interface.

3) Login to the QNAP using the admin user (default password is admin).

4) At the command prompt enter the following command:

On a QNAP TS-109 or single drive TS-209:

cd /share/HDA_DATA/Public/ripcaster_install/ssods

On a TS-209 fitted with 2 drives in RAID 1

cd /share/MD0_DATA/Public/ripcaster_install/ssods

5) The following command will uninstall SqueezeCenter 7.x installation:

./ssods-ts uninstall YES-I-REALLY-WANT-TO

You should see something like:

ssods-ts -- SSODS on TurboStation installer -- Revision: 1.3

About to remove SSODS..
Stopping SqueezeCenter 7.1-22170 (please wait) ........ OK.
Stopping thttpd-ssods .. OK
Stopping thttpd-ssods .. OK
Error: Cannot stop, SqueezeCenter is not running.
Removing /share/HDA_DATA/SSODS..
Deleting ssods user..
Removing autostart hook..

8) Now reboot the QNAP using the command:


9) Wait for the QNAP to reboot.

We hope that you find these instructions useful. Please consider purchasing Logitech / Slim Devices equipment from us.

Please let us know if you have any suggestion for improving these instructions.

Acknowledgement to to ProgressiveAV for their original work getting SlimServer on the QNAP platform.

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