Read and Write to Ext2 and Ext3 partitions from Windows

These instructions show how to access a Linux formatted drive (ext2 or ext3) from a Windows operating system.

This information is useful for accessing Popcornhour and HDX-1000 units with ext3 formated drives when connected via USB to a PC.

Use the following steps:

1) Download the driver file from

2) Run the downloaded installer (accept all the default options).

3) Connect the Popcornhour or HDX-1000 via USB.

4) Open the Windows Control Panel
IFS DDriver in Control Panel

5) Open "IFS Drives"

6) The Popcornhour/HDX-1000 drive will appear as shown (Drive 2 in this example):

The Ext2 / Ext3 partitions will be visible

7) The data is located on the last partition on the drive - so you only need to assigne a drive letter to the last partition as shown here (G: assigned in this example):

Assign the data partition a drive letter

8) Now you should be able to read/write to the new drive from "My Computer" as usual.

The new drive will appear in My Computer

9) When finished using the drive remember to use the "Safetly Remove Hardware" task icon to Stop the drive. FAILURE TO DO THIS MAY MAKE THE DRIVE UNREADABLE.

Remember to stop the drive correctly