How to check all the drives in your Windows Home Server for errors

More details can be seen here

  • Use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to your home server
  • Open notepad and add (paste) the following lines of text
    net stop pdl
    net stop whsbackup
    chkdsk D: /x /r  
    chkdsk C: /x /r
    for /d %%1 in (C:\fs\*) do start chkdsk /x /r %%1
  • Save the file to C:\Check_All_Drives.cmd

  • Open a command promt and enter the command
  • The command may take a long time to complete

  • When finished check the applicaiton event log, source winlogon, for chkdsk reports (Start | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer).
  • Reboot your home server.