How to fix a corrupt database on AVA Media / My Movies

You may see an error message stating that My Movies / AVA Media software failed to start due to a corrupt database.

This solution will re-create the database (you will loose this history of ripped CDs - but the actual tracks will be preserved).

Note that these instructions assume that MS SQL is not being used by any other application on the Windows Home Server!!

Use the following steps:

  1. Use Remote Desktop to connect to the Windows Home Server - login as admininistrator
  2. Open the Windows Home Server Console. Open Settings. Open Add-Ins. Uninstall "AVA Media" / "My Movies"
  3. Open the Control Panel within the Windows Home Server Remote Desktop. Open "Add Remove Programs".
  4. Uninstall "Microsoft SQL Server 2005", "Microsoft SQL Server Naitive Client", "Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files", "Microsoft SQL Server VSS Server"
  5. Delete the folder "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server" to remove prior database files.
  6. Now Go back in the Windows Home Server Console, Settings, Add-ins and re-install the AVA Media - this will then automatically download SQL server and re-install (and re-create the corrupted database).