How to update Squeezebox Server on the RipNAS

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Use the following instructions to update Squeezebox Server to the latest version
  1. Visist on your PC or Mac and download the latest version of Squeezebox Server - be careful to select the version .
  2. Save the downloaded file on the ripNAS at \\ripnas\Software\Add-ins
  3. Connect to the ripNAS using (on a PC) Windows Home Server Connector, or (Mac or PC) using Remote Desktop connection. Learn More
  4. Within the Windows Home Server Console select the Settings button in the top right of the main screen.
  5. Select the Add-Ins section from the left hand side list.
  6. If Squeezebox Server is already listed as installed - click the Uninstall button. Then re-launch the Windows Home Server Console and return to the Add-ins section of the Windows Home Server Settings page.
  7. Select the Available tab on the upper right of the Windows Home Server Settings screen.
  8. The recently downloaded Squeezebox Server downloaded above should be visible. Click Install to update the installation.
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