How to copy music from iTunes to the RipNAS

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iTunes normally stores media on the local hard drive of the computer. Here we explain how to locate the music and copy to the RipNAS so you may enjoy your iTunes music via a central ripNAS server. Note this is a one off copy from iTunes to the RipNAS. If you continue to add music to iTunes you will need to repeat the steps below for the new/updated music. Note that Apple DRM protected music cannot be played outside of iTunes.

  1. Start iTunes and identify the location of the music on your computer:

    Start iTunes

    • Start iTunes
    • Select the Preferences off the Edit menu.

      Find the location of the iTunes media files.

    • Select the Advanced tab from the Preferences dialog.

      Find the location of the iTunes media files.

    • Note the location of the iTunes Media folder location (typically this is C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\iTunes in this example we have c:\iTunes)
  2. Open the iTunes Media folder using Explorer (Finder on Mac)

    Open the iTunes media folder.

  3. Copy the sub-folder Music (CTRL+C, or Edit | Copy Folder). If you require finer control you may also copy individual sub-folder by Artists below the Music folder.

    Open the iTunes media folder.

  4. Open the share \\ripnas\Music on the ripNas (Start | Run | Open | \\Ripnas | OK) - You may need a username and password to access the share. Use the username administrator and corresponding password.

    Open the RipNAS Music folder.

    Supply Administrator login details if required.

  5. Paste the copied iTunes Music folder from above in to the RipNAS Music folder \\RipNAS\Music (CTRL+V, or Edit | Paste).

    Supply Administrator login details if required.

    Paste the copied files to the RipNAS.

  6. Depending on the amount of Music and the type of network connection the copy may take some time to complete (a wired Ethernet connection will be faster than wireless).
  7. Once the iTunes Music has been copied you may need to update the Music Index depending on how you are accessing the Music. For Sonos select "Update Music Index" from the Music menu in the Desktop Controller or CR200 Controller. For UPnP players you may force an update of the Music index using the Settings Page within the Windows Home Server Console (or via Remote Desktop Connection).