How to Setup a RipNAS Extender

Physical Connection

The RipNAS Extender unit has three connections; 2 USB data, and 1 power connector.

  1. Power off the RipNAS.

  2. Position the RipNAS Extender unit - typically the extender is placed underneath the main RipNAS unit.

  3. Connect both the USB cables from the Extender unit to ANY of the free USB ports on the rear of the RipNAS

  4. Connect the 12v power connector to the rear of the RipNAS Extender.

Storage Configuration

The RipNAS Extender drives must be added to the RipNAS storage pool.

  1. Power on the RipNAS Extender.
  2. Power on the RipNAS and wait until the unit has booted.
  3. Open the Windows Home Server Console (this can also be accessed using Remote Desktop Connection see here for more details).

  4. Select the "Server Storage" tab within the Windows Home Server Console.

  5. The additional drives will appear listed in the "Non Storage Drives" section as shown above. You may need to wait a few minutes for both drives to appear in the list.
  6. For each of the Non Storage Hard Drives:
    • Select the Drive.
    • Click on the "Add" button
    • The Add Hard Drive wizard will start. Click Next

    • Select "Add this hard drive to your server storage....". Click Next.

    • The next step will format and partition the selected Extender drive. Click "Finish".

    • The drive will be initialised and added to the main data pool within the RipNAS.

  7. Once all drives have been added they should appear in the list of "Storage Hard Drives" on the "Server Storage" tab.