Linn Klimax Kontrol Pre-Amplifer

Linn Kilmax Kontrol Pre-Amplifier

Linn Klimax
Kontrol Pre-Amplifiers

Uncompromising in every conceivable aspect, Klimax is the culmination of over 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest audio systems.

Machined from solid aluminium, the design of Klimax Kontrol reflects its performance – simple and precise. The unique chassis design provides a slim and elegant housing for Linn’s advanced electronics.

Linn Klimax Kontrol Pre-Amplifer

The audio circuit board and power supply are enclosed in separate solid aluminium ‘rooms’ within the chassis, screening and protecting them from vibration, thermal variations and electromagnetic interference to preserve the integrity of the music signal. The simplicity of the Klimax Kontrol design is complemented by exceptional ease of use. Simply select the input you want to listen to and adjust the volume. Nothing more.

Linn Klimax Kontrol Pre-Amplifer


  • Klimax case machined from solid aluminium for superb isolation and screening of circuitry
  • Short, simple audio signal path designed to optimise the purity and accuracy of reproduction
  • Four inputs: one balanced, three unbalanced
  • Compatible with Linn Knekt multi-room system
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