Linn Sweetspot Loudspeaker (Pair)

Linn Sekrit Sweetspot
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  • The Sweetspot fits naturally into rows of halogen downlighters.
  • Simple to install. Create simple or elaborate Sweetspot installations and bring high quality sound to a variety of spaces in any type of room.
  • It is so small and versatile it can be installed into virtually any flat and rigid surface.
  • Waterproof and corrosion proof.

Using arrays of Sweetspot loudspeakers is a great solution for providing quality sound evenly across larger areas. Their tiny size also makes them ideal for use in smaller rooms such as dressing rooms or en-suite bathrooms or in areas not normally considered for loudspeaker placement.

Sweetspot loudspeakers are quick and simple to install, can be painted to blend into any d├ęcor and with a diameter of just 3.5 inches fit naturally alongside halogen lighting.

They are also waterproof and corrosion resistant, making them perfect for bathrooms, showers, pools, patios or marine applications.
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Price: £217.20