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The CD 8 SE2 incorporates the same low-contact precision slot loading CD drive as the CDXT SE2 transport. The CD 8 SE2 also benefits from Cyrus's 2012 Servo Evolution optical data control systems that greatly improve the integrity of the data we read from the CD. Internally the power supply design features twin, custom made, transformers each feeding individual highly regulated power supplies which in turn feed the 11 separate sections of the player.

The CD 8 SE2's outstanding performance can be expanded further by adding a Cyrus PSX-R power supply, which will help reveal subtle details within the recording; this has to be heard to be fully appreciated. Initially a CD 8x would normally be partnered with an integrated amplifier the specially developed DAC circuitry provides outstanding performance. However it is common for customers to update to our optional DAC X+ component, the CD 8 SE2 then operates as a CD transport. It is also possible to return your CD 8 SE2 to Cyrus for upgrade to our ultimate CD transport, CDXT SE2, allowing you to incrementally and cost effectively upgrade to the finest CD system in the world. However configured, this player will produce stunning performance and, with the right speakers, an almost holographic 3D image. Cyrus’ CD platform is a clear example of our upgrade philosophy. Our systems are designed to grow with our customer’s enthusiasm for musical advancement and through a series of affordable upgrades, all the way up, to the ultimate X series.