Cyrus 6a Integrated Amplifier

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Cyrus 6a
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The 6a is the entry to the Cyrus amplifier range and ships with a more than adequate power output for many rooms of 2 x 40W. The amplifier even lets you play one source in the main room and another in a second room. Select from six analogue inputs and set a zone two output so you can play any source in another part of your home, Bi-wireable speaker terminals, a good quality headphone amplifier, Pre-amplifier output (for bi-amping), large clear high quality LCD screen, a powerful custom menu system you can use to fine tune your setup a system IR handset.

The powerful onboard software system allows the customization of many features including individual input sensitivity matching and multiple display modes. A nice feature is that you can rename input one as CD input two as TV and so on. This makes using the amplifier very elegant as you tune your menus to fit exactly how you want your system to work for you.


It is possible to return the Cyrus 6a to the factory and add a wide range of options such as a multi-input DAC that can upgrade up to six digital sources including music from your computer, TV or satellite box so you can upgrade many audio sources with your Cyrus system. You can even add more power if you later upgrade you speakers of just want to improve your systems performance in the future! Your retailer can show you how to add further options like power supplies for even better resolution of a power amplifier to add dynamics and exhilarating zest to your system!