Cyrus 8 QX DAC Integrated Amplifier

Cyrus 8a SE
Cyrus 8 QX DAC
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This first-class model includes many of the upgrade options built in from the start. Including all the core features of the other models, the 8 Qx DAC has the most powerful amplifier and our Qx DAC fitted. The Qx DAC is a very advanced digital to analog converter capable of up-sampling incoming signals to 192 KHz. The Qx DAC is especially valuable when playing music from a computer or a CD transport where the source is of high enough quality to justify this excellent DAC option.

Sonic benefits of the Qx DAC include smoother treble definition, wider sound staging and more tuneful bass that will ‘time’ better. Initially these may seem small improvements over the integrated DAC model but given ten minutes to appreciate the wonderfully subtlety the Qx is capable of you will quickly come to appreciate the fine qualities of this premium DAC option.

The 8 series models can all connect with a PSX-R that will add both detail and dynamics to the amplifiers performance.

Whatever the size your room the Cyrus 8 Qx DAC can work with almost any loudspeaker and fill your home with wonderful music. The more powerful amplifier and higher quality DAC are both luxury’s that will provide many years of enjoyment as you enjoy the fine details that make hi-fi such a rewarding hobby.