Cryus Pre XPd Pre-Amplifer

Cyrus Pre XPd
Cyrus Pre XPd
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The Pre XPd is a high performance pre-amplifier featuring an on-board DAC.


  • High performance pre-amplifier based on the X series DAC XP+ design.
  • 11 inputs, 6 analogue + 5 digital (4x 24bit/192kHz & 1x 16bit/48kHz)
  • On-board high performance DAC
  • The USB feature allows connection of a computer to play files back through the high quality Cyrus DAC.
  • High quality LCD display and helpful user setup menu system.
  • Zone two output, multi-source, multi-zone.
  • Option to add even higher quality QX DAC upgrade.
  • PSX-R upgrade option


The multi-input digital board features a USB input for a computer. Anything that plays on your computer will sound much better when played back through the ‘Cyrus quality’ DAC’s of the digital board. The Cyrus digital board uses a highly specified DAC and power supply arranged so that all connected digital sources benefit from the inherent quality of the DAC.

The Pre XPd preamp stages are based on the DAC XP+ model and therefore benefit from many sophisticated design elements from the more expensive model.

The front panel boasts a high quality LCD display that shows volume, the input selected and a set-up menu that helps you to configure your amplifier to work exactly the way that suits you.