Cyrus Pre XPd QX Pre Amplifier

Cyrus Pre XPd
Cyrus Pre XPd QX
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The Pre XPd QX is a high performance Pre-amplifier, plus it also features the superior QX DAC card.


  • High performance Pre-amplifier based on the X series DAC XP+ design.
  • 11 inputs, 6 analogue + 5 digital (24bit/192kHz)
  • QX DAC card providing 192kHz up-sampling of all digital inputs
  • The USB feature allows connection of a computer to play files back through the high quality Cyrus DAC.
  • High quality LCD display and helpful user setup menu system.
  • Zone two output, multi-source, multi-zone.
  • PSX-R upgrade option


The Cyrus QX is a high performance DAC module of very advanced specification. In keeping with the Cyrus tradition of low-obsolescence and upgradeability the module builds on the considerable strengths of the Cyrus Pre XPd.