Cyrus 8 Power Amplifier

Cyrus 8 Power Amplifier
Cyrus 8 Power Amp
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The 8 Power is the ideal partner for the Pre XPd. Or equally it will be a perfect match to bi-amp the 8a, 8 DAC or 8 QX DAC. These combinations sound extremely good and offer outstanding value, not only sonically, but because the 8 power is so upgradeable. It can evolve from a stereo 60W per channel (8ohms) power amp all the way through to a powerful 220W (4ohms) mono amplifier. In fact, this incredible design can also be upgraded further as we offer a factory upgrade to the next range up, the X power, which delivers even more performance. As you upgrade your hi-fi system, the 8 Power evolves to meet your demands, adding power and finesse with each upgrade. You may run your new amp in stereo or mono, with or without the matching PSX-R. Uniquely, this chameleon-like quality is achieved without loss of performance common with lesser bridgeable amps. Auto start and auto power down, plus built-in (MC-BUS™) system control compatibility, make this a truly intelligent power amp, ideal for high-performance audio systems or a Cyrus-quality AV system and is uniquely flexible when systems are upgraded.